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August 2017

Saturday August 19th Pro fighter Kwinn Davis will be fighting for PREMIER MMA CHAMPIONSHIP in Covington KY. This will be the return of Kwinn to the MMA cage, after a 3 year layoff from MMA. Kwinn would like to thank his new sponsors PowerHouse Nutrition & Supplement ,and Workout Anytime of Madisonville KY. Good luck Kwinn!


Unfortunately, Kwinn lost a hard fought fight. Now its back to the gym!

June 2017

Congrats to Disciple MMA fighters DYlan Basham, Matt Parker , and Bryon Stanley, for their great work in the NAGA grappling tournament in ST. Louis! Dylan and Matt both winning Gold in their divison. Bryon came up just a bit short, but showed toughness durning his match aginst a skilled opponent.

April 2017

Disciple MMa is honored to be a part of helping train and coach for the past 4 years in one of the biggest Boxing charity events in the area, Guns & Hoses. 4 fighters from the Madisonville Fire Department, Dylan Basham, Kwinn Davis, Nick Bernal, and Justin Budd , all competed in the awesome event. Congrate to all the fighters that competed in this event!

March 2017

And Still!! Congrats to Disciple MMA's 125 Hook N Shoot MMA champ Insane Lane Herold! Lane defended his title aginst a game opponent.

September 2015

Saturday Sept 26th the Hook N Shoot MMA fighting organization inducted 4 fighters into the MMA hall of fame. Among them was Disciple MMA's owner and head coach Merritt Warren. It was a honor for Merritt to be inducted in to the Hook N Shoot Hall Of Fame for all the many achievements throughout his 22 years of fighting in many different styles of martial arts! Congrats to Merritt for his achievements. Merritt was inducted along with UFC vet Chris Lytle, Bodog Fight vets Darron Morse and Scott Henze. Congrats to all the Inductees. For pics of the induction click on the gallery section.

March 2015

HOOK N SHOOT fight update..Unfortunatley Lane herold lost his fight to a RNC Rear naked choke. Lane did a awesome job early in the fight landing a barrage of punch / kick combos. At one point landing a round house kick to the head of his opponent dazing him. This lead to lane being taken down and eventually his opponet getting his back and the submission.

This was a great learning experience for Lane. he will be back in the gym and preparing for his next fight. Thanks to all the fans who supported lane and his team and God Bless.

March 2015

It's fight week! Disciple Mma's 125 Amateur Fighter Lane Herold will be competing in the 20th anniversary of the Hook n Shoot mixed martial arts organization hosted by former UFC commentator Jeff Osborne , on Friday march 21st in Evansville Indiana. Lane Herold will be competing for the 125 amateur title!

After a grueling eight week fight camp including 2 a day workouts and a very strategic game plan Lane has peaked and is ready to compete at the top level of his division. Training in the arts of wrestling, boxing, grappling, kick boxing, and jujitsu along with great strength and conditioning training we expect to see an excellent performance by Lane Herold.

More updates to come after the fight.

February 2015

My appologies first and foremost for not keeping everyone updated during 2014. 2014 was a very busy and hetic year for me personally and professionally. After some research I decided to create a blog using the mobile app Blogger. You can access this blog via this website by clicking on the above link, the Blogger Icon located on the bottom left corner of this website, and I added a link on the Welcom page. On behalf of my family and Team Disciple we hope you have a good 2015 and thank you for your ongoing support.

March 2013

Disciple MMA represented Clover Sites and VIP MMA with 3 great wins in the Indiana vs Kentucky MMA/kickboxing event in Indiana for the IFC hosted by the wife of UFC vet Dan Christison. Jarard Arnold won his kickboxing debut with a unanimous decision, dominating every round using sweeps and striking combos...Trontsay Ellis the vet of the group advanced his record to 3-1 defeating his opponent who had a 3-0 record winning fight of the night award...6ft 6 Dylan Basham won by verbal submission just seconds before the end of the first round. Congratulations to all the competitors.

March 2013

Disciple MMA has been training hard getting ready to compete in the IFC Indiana vs Kentucky MMA Kickboxing tournament on March 16 in Cannelton Indiana. Trontsay Ellis 2-1 will be fighting in the 155 advanced division, Dylan Basham will be making his debut at 205 and Jarard Arnold will also be making his debut at 125. All fighters made weight at the weigh ins. Good luck to all the competitors!

January 2012

Disciple MMA welcomes Coach SSG James Todd to the team. He will be the teams strength and conditioning, army combatives and prt instructor.

September 2011

The past few months have been very busy for Team Warren. I have lots of updates to share, I will be posting them as I get the videos and info about the dates and opponents etc.

September 10th 2011 the Hook n Shoot hosted a mma tournament saluting the officers and troops in memory of 9-11. Jeff Osborne (owner and founder of HnS) donated a portion of the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors , it was a great show. Two of our team members were on the card. Lane and Josh Herold did a mma demo that was awesome! When these guys get to the age where they can compete in full mma watch out. View the video below.

Josh and Lane Demo

April 2011

I posted one of my fighter's bouts below. In the video you will see Team Warren fighter Josh Herold competing last month in a kickboxing match for Hook N Shoot. His bout on video was broken into three parts. Click on the highlighted areas and watch his bout. Enjoy!

Josh Herold Part 1

Josh Herold Part 2

Josh Herold Part 3

March 2011

Team Warren continued to compete this month at a local event held at the Central City Convention Center. Hook N Shoot put on another great event showcasing area MMA talent.

Andy Johnson won in the second round by a TKO. Andy untilized his ground and pound skills to obtain the victory. Wes Ipock won his bout in the first round by submitting his opponent with a guillotine choke. Josh Herold took his kickboxing match all three rounds in an intense battle. In the end the judges ruled it a draw. Billy Majors fought a hard battle and it went to the score cards. The judges scored it 2 to 1. Billy didn't get the win this time but there will be more competitions in the future. Keep on training Billy.

Team Warren also participated in an annual charity cancer event. I enjoy being a part of this event and look forward to it every year. I am also grateful that Team Warren plays an active role in this event as well. This is an event were the night is not about the fighters but what we are fighting for. This year we were fighting to raise money for children that have been diagnosed with cancer. I am very blessed to be able to used my God given gifts to assist others in their time of need.

Now myself and Team Warren look on to the month of April. April is shaping up to be a busy month for myself and the Team. Until next time, God Bless.

February 2011 #2

Now that the grappling tournament is concluded we have shifted our focus to a Hook-n-Shoot tournament that is coming up. Check back later for more info.

Also myself and Team Warren will be participating in a charity cancer event coming up. Plans are being finalized as I write this update. I have had the privelege to be part of this event in the past and it is a great cause to be part of. I will post more info about the benefit when the plans are finalized. I hope to see everyone there!

February 2011 #1

First off thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, speactators, and competitors at our first no-gi grappling tournament. The tournament was a success and the day was fun filled. I look forward to future tournaments!

Now for a recap of Team Warren fighter results from the tournament:

Jordan Majors did an outstanding job earning third place in his division. Jordan utilized his flexibility and slick moves to assist him with moving in an out of positions to earn points and submissions.

Mac Hulsey made his tournament debut and won first place! Mac's highlight win was submitting an opponent with a guillotine choke. Mac is an up and coming agile fighter with Team Warren. We look forward to seeing him in future competitions.

Josh Herold won first place in his divison. Josh also got one opponent in a guillotine choke and defeated others on points due to obtaining multiple positions on his opponent.

Lane Herold dominated his division and opponents. All wins were decided by points. Lane won his final match 9/2. Great job!

Dalton Utley brought home third place in his division. Dalton did a great job going against kids with more experience than him. Dalton showed a lot of heart and lost by a close margin on points.

Jackie joined the team one month prior to the tournament and won second place. Outstanding job and performance by the newbie!

Trontsay tested himself in the upper division by competing as a blue belt. Trontsay submitted his first opponent with a nice triangle choke. Trontsay also tested his training and stamina by going 4 overtime rounds with the first place winner! Congrats on a great fight!

Ron Anderson took on the 3 biggest guys in the tournament. Ron's first opponent outweighed him by 40 lbs! Ron utilized a head/arm triangle resulting in a submission in relatively quick time! The next two were tough opponents resulting in Ron to tap out to one and lose on points to the other.

Also, Team Warren wecomes Jason Golightly to the team. He won first place in his divison by executing body triangle from the back mount

Last but not least, Isaiah Warren.(Last name sound familiar?) Isaiah who is 9 years old had no one his age in the tournament. Isaiah competed in the 12 year old division getting third place. Isaiah showed great skill and determination for his first fight. Isaiah showcased some great positions and transitions that caught the eye of other coaches due to his young age.

I would like to say to all Team Warren members thank you for competing at your highest level and showcasing not only fighting skills but also you sportsmanship skills. Remember we will not always win every competition even though that is our goal. When we do come up short on decisons, points, or time we will accept the loss with grace and humility. Thank you all for adhering to that.

January 2011 #2

We are one week away from our no-gi grappling tournament hosted by us, Central City Convention Center, Hook N Shoot, and Clover. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. It will be a great day and fun for the whole family!!

January 2011

Happy New Year!! I hope this year is a blessed year for you and your family. I take the time to look back over the events of the past year with joy and look forward to what God has in store for me, my family, and students in 2011.

Currently myself and Team Warren members are preparing for a no-gi grappling tournament which will host with the assistance of our sponsers Hook N Shoot, Central City Convention Center, and Clover. Thanks guys for assisting with bringing a tournament to the local area. Click on the no-gi grappling tournament heading below to view the flyer with all the tourney info. Hope to see you there!!! It will be a great day!

No-gi Grappling Tournament

December 2010

The website has launched!! Welcome again to my website. This is the first month that it has been up and running. There are some areas that still need to be completed but for the most part the site is done.

Throughout the month I will post updates ranging from tournanent news, tournanment results, training tips, and answers to questions from emails that I receive. Below you can read about previous months activities and events. I hope you enjoy the sight and thank you again for visiting.

November 2010

This has been a great month as well. Team Warren members have made great improvements in all aspects of their training. Thanks guys for all your hard work and dedication. I am looking forward to the upcoming tournament season to see how all the hardwork pays off!

Currently, I am still developing the website that I mentioned in an earlier update. I hope to have the site launched in December 2010. Creating a website has been a fun opportunity to participate in. I hope people enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Finally, as we are in the month of November I would like to take the time to write what I am thankful for. First, I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. Without him I am nothing. Second, my family that I am blessed to be apart of. Third, to be gainfully employed. I know that there are alot of people out there that can't say that this year. I know that am truly blessed to be able to go to work so I can provide for my family and also to enable me to continue on with MMA. Fourth, my health. I consider myself very fortunate not to have any serious injuries or medical conditions at this time.

October 2010

Team Warren picks up in October were we left off in September. Here are the results from this months tournaments.

October 9, 2010

Gameness Fighting

Nashville, TN

(Pro Card)

Kwinn Davis fought a pro fight with HDnet in attendance. The fight went all three rounds and Kwinn lost the decion to the judges .

October 16, 2010

USA Boxing

Evansville, IN

Josh Herold (who is 17 years old) Josh's bout went the distance and he won by unamous decision 3-0. Josh executed a well balanced fight plan that utilized an off angle advancement technique, coupled with effective combinations, and a switch stance.

Lane Herold (younger brother to Josh) bout also went the distance but Lane lost the descision 2 -1. Much credit and respect to Lane for stepping up and taking on a much taller fighter and for going the distance against a bigger opponent.

If you attend Hook-N-Shoot competitions in the tri-state area you may see the Herold brothers in action. They compete in exhibition mma bouts for the organization

Septemeber 2010

This has been a very exciting monthf for myself and Team Warren MMA. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would have a website for myself and Team Warren. When I got the news I was speechless. On behalf of myself and Team Warren MMA thank you Cloversites for your genouristy and support.

The month of September is a busy month for myself and Team Warren. Currently we are preparing for multiple fights in the months of September, October, and November. Due to all the activity around our training camp we caught the attention of iSurf Mulhenberfg County news reporter while Team Warren fighters were cutting weight for a tournament. Click here to read the full article.

September 18, 2010

Trontsay Ellis made his amateur mma debut. Trontsay fought a well rounded war on and off his feet Trontsy won the first round but lost the second round by a close margin. The fight carried over into the third and final round. There the intense battle continued and Trontsay learned that tough conditioning pays off. Trontsay executed a guilotine choke with ten seconds remaining and submitted his opponent. Trontsay displayed a tremendous amount of courage and heart during this bout Trontsay's family was in attendance along with his dad who is battling Musclar Distrophy. This was a very emotional fight.

Wes Ipock fought an intense battle that went into the third round. Wes was submitted in the third round with twenty seconds remaining. Wes got caught in a rear naked choke. This bout recieved "The Fight of the Night" honors.

Aaron Hopgood took on a 6'3" Thai fighter. The fight went all three rounds and Aaron won by decision 2-1. Aaron utilized well timed off angle attacks to confuse his opponent and to set up for some big takedown techniques.

Jacob Wright, is a jujitsu student of Darron Morse, and I am his stand up coach. Jacob won his fight in the first round with a armbar submission. It was a honor and a privelege to join Darron in Jacob's corner.

September 25, 2010

USA Boxing

Richmond, KY

Nathan Scarlett made his return to the ring after a two year lay off from competive boxing. Nathan took on a very tough and hard hitting opponent. As expected, Nathan started out slow due to the layoff, but his timing and tempo started to return in the second and third rounds. Nathan lost by a 2-1 decision. Welcome back! Currently Nathan is training for his next fight slated for the middle of November.

Zechariah 4:6

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